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The residential service includes the perimeter check where we walk around the property to check for any type of tampering of any kind, broken doors, windows, roof, gutters, any singles out of place due to high winds or storms. This service also includes picking up newspapers, removing flyers, remove packages and place in a safe place, removing stuffed mail from mailboxes and storing it in a place designated by the homeowner. The mail also may just need to be pushed through the mailbox. The company can supply small totes to use for storage if needed and they have no locks, remove door hangers, bring refuge cans back to the house, pick up and remove any small sticks, branches or debris that has accumulated due to high winds or storms. The residential service includes watering plants that the customer may have or any special care that's needed by any specific plants. We are a locally owned and operated company, and we operate with the customer in mind. We want you to enjoy your vacation or your stay away from home with no worries. We offer personal assurance, so you won't be left "hanging " in your time of need and we take safety precautions by using mask, gloves and sanitizers when needed.

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Personal Services 1

Personal services are limited to but not limited to services that includes a stand in for a black-tie event, for plays, assist in setting up events, indoor and outdoor personal liaison, assisting in setting up estate sales if one more person is needed, personal event services are at a 2 to 4 hr rate, picking up something from a vendor or consulting on projects or renovations which may include producing a material list or scheduling work done and equipment rental. My skills in the construction and environmental services field can be of some assistance with a variety of projects.

If you happen to be in the area on business, A-lister, celebrity, singer or artist feel free to consult with me if you need an assistant, premium car or exotic car rental with driver, feel free to let me know what your needs are.

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Personal Service 2

The personal service 2 includes a unique service that includes assisting and giving help with the details of filing a U.S. Patent, assisting and giving help with filing U.S. Copyrights, assisting in creating websites and mobile apps. This service is not limited to assisting the customer with their specific needs, and those needs may be needing a backup camera person to take pictures for an event or taking a backup video for an event. The photo and video service is not advertised as a professional service. Just as backup to your professional photographer or videographer.  Needing assistance with certain legal documents may be on your list and my U.S. Patent and 5 recent copyrights are listed in the bio section.

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