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Dedicated to providing our clients with the very best service possible
About Presence Felt LLC

            I started the company Presence Felt with my fellow travelers in mind. With over 25 years of experience traveling throughout the U.S. I personally how hard it is to try and get something important done while you were not there. I know the woa's of calling family members and friends to stop by the house to do this or do that. Even the simplest of things could make you feel as if you are inconveniencing someone.

I'm a former business owner in St. Louis area and I have a been a resident of St. Louis all my life.  I have done work at some of the largest companies in the area and possessed a TWIC card you many years. This card requires an FBI background check to allow card holders in to highly secures areas, including government and federal facilities. I have worked in the construction and environmental industry for over 25 years, and I have extensive knowledge in the field. The uniqueness of my company gives it the ability to stand alone in competitiveness. My background as an inventor, (U.S. Patent 503,448 S) give me the ability to help individuals who are working through the patent process. I have written a few short stories that can be viewed via the internet. My copyright licenses are PAu 4-006-041, PAu 4 040-217, PAu 4-022-403, PAu 4-064-811 and  VAu 1-432-112 . The experience with my filings of copyrights give me the ability to assist others who are working on or will be working on the process of gaining a U.S. Copyright. Me being a writer and owner of 5 + copyrights keeps me creating new things all the time. My purpose is to assist those who require the comfort of a personal concierge service. We are fully insured and will provide a contract for services that will be provided. We abide by all safety rules and regulations outlined by OSHA and when on our customers property we use care and professionalism as a standard measure of care. I know the needs of individuals change on a daily basis and Presence Felt LLC is there to assist in different levels of life's tranformations .​

Sandra Tamworth 

Testimonial will be added later


Testimonials will be added later

Andrew Carlisle

Testimonials will be added later

Block Time Fees

Block times will be discussed and negotiated based on the client's needs. 

Payment Options: Cash

Cash App and PayPaL 

The service fees include the vehicle, fuel, signs, mask, gloves, sanitizer and  disposable bags. 

Basic service fee $55
fee for extra time starting at $25 per 1/2 hr

Which includes small debris storage,

Watering a plant or plants. You will have to supply the watering containers

Feel free to text or leave a message


Service Fees
Priscilla Upton
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