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Providing personalized, quality service.
Perimeter Check

A perimeter check will be conducted to make sure that everything was in the condition you left it. We make sure that storms didn't knock branches onto the power or communications lines or damaged anything on the property. We go around the house and look at windows, doors, roofs, gutters, garage doors and windows also. We remove any mail that's overflowing in the mailbox, pick up newspapers, flyers, doorhangers and pick up any packages that may have been left and place these items in an area designated by the homeowner. We here at Presence Felt LLC cater to travelers. WE want to you to enjoy your time away and rest assured that things are going to be alright.


The appearance of your home or place of residence says a lot. Your homes' appearance can reveal if the owners have been home in a few days. It can reveal if someone checks on the property on a regular basis. We put your mind at ease when it comes to worrying about how the place looks now. We know from statistics that wrong doers look for opportunities based on whether or not that they think homeowners are at home or not. They take these opportunities to enter homes, garages and cars when they think that no one is home. Seeing someone working around a residence and keeping it tidy gives the presence that the home may be occupied. Nowadays you can never be too safe. You always what to give passers by the impression that a well-kept property makes your 'presence felt'.  

Special Services

This service is designed with the homeowner in mind. The services are limited but not limited to, watering your plants and we know that some plants require specific attention. We make sure that the appearance of your residence is just the way you left it. We bring in your refuse cans and yard waste cans and set them near the house. We offer so much more when it comes to personal services. "I know when I fly out It's always on the day the trash goes out and now, I have to call a family member or friend to stop by and bring them in. We strive to meet the needs of our customers at Presence Felt LLC. We are licensed by the state of Missouri and fully insured so please feel free to explore our many services. We work in and around the St. Louis metropolitan area. 

            I started the company Presence Felt with my fellow travelers in mind. With over 25 years of experience traveling throughout the U.S. I personally how hard it is to try and get something important done while you were not there. I know the wo's of calling family members and friends to stop by the house to do this or do that. Even the simplest of things could make you feel as if you are inconveniencing someone. ​
You can rest assured that when you are using our services that you are working with compassionate individuals who cares about your needs. We take pride in our work and pride in providing our customers the best service possible. Our services include making perimeter checks on properties, removing flyers and door hangers, newspapers, community newspapers. We bring the refuge containers in and set them on the side of the house or where the homeowner keeps them. We pick up packages, gifts and mail that has been collecting in the mailboxes and we set these items in a designated area appointed by the homeowner. We can supply waterproof totes and they can be locked if needed. One other service is removing branches, small limbs and debris that may have been knocked down by storms or high winds. 
    Whether you are going out of town for your regular work duties or traveling for a family vacation, a cruise, a golf trip, a family affair or just a leisurely weekend getaway you can feel assured that we are there for you. We service areas around the St. Louis metropolitan area, North County, South County, Clayton, Ladue Wildwood, Fenton, Sunset Hills, St. Charles, St. Peters, O'Fallon, M0. and some areas near Fairview Hieghts.


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